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Congratulations! If you’ve earned a place at a college or university, you’ve already accomplished something big. You’ve managed to go through the application process, possibly write an admissions essay, and proven that you have what it takes to succeed. Now that you’ve arrived, you may be realizing that this is only half the battle. Now you must earn the kind of grades that will lead you to a lucrative career or down another successful path.

A large part of accomplishing this is tackling tough writing assignments. Fair warning, things will be much different than they were in high school. Standards are much higher. Professors are much less forgiving when it comes to formatting, citation, and spelling and grammar. Here are five tips putting your best writing foot forward:

Choose Good Sources

Unless you were an honors student, chances are you were given a bit of leeway when it came to choosing sources for your writing assignments. You may have used encyclopedias, articles from newspapers or magazines, and publications that may not have been up to date. That may not be acceptable in college.

At the university level, most instructors expect you to use sources from academic databases, respected journals, and original source material such as studies conducted by government agencies or universities. You’ll be expected to vet out your sources and ensure that they have been verified by third parties.

The writers at powered essays are familiar with this. They only use the most reliable sources. You can be sure that your college paper will be well-researched and contain only the most trustworthy information available.

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Learn The Rules of Your Citation Format

MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian; these are just a few of the citation formats you may encounter as a college student. Each has a complex set of rules attached to them. These dictate how your inline citations should look as well as your works cited page. They also control the font, CPI, and other other spacing rules. It can be difficult to stay on top of this, but it is of utmost importance.

We know this is a lot to take in. It may take you a bit of time to become familiar. You may also find that you become familiar with the more common citation types like MLA and APA, the struggle when you have to work with another. Remember that if you need help with any writing assignment, your writer will know just how to handle your paper regardless of citation format.

Watch Out For Accidental Plagiarism

You think you’ve done everything write. Every direct quote has been enclosed in quotation marks and cited correctly. You’ve properly cited every reference. At least you think so? What if you’re wrong? What if you missed something.

It’s important to be diligent about your sources and citations. The last thing you want is to be flagged in your professor’s plagiarism scanning software. If you don’t feel fully confident, we can help. Our editing and proofreading services include a check for originality so you won’t get into trouble.

Don’t be Too Casual

With the exception of creative writing and a few essay assignments, you will be expected to maintain a formal, academic tone. This means no contractions, no informal versions of words and phrases, and no slang terms. When it comes to jargon things can be a bit difficult. Basically, if your audience is your instructor or peers, it is okay to use technical terminology. If your audience are lay people, you are better off using terms that they can understand.

Show Appropriate Insight

It’s no longer enough to simply cover your topic. You must show much more insight than you did in high school. Challenge your perceptions. Explore sources of information that conflict with your thesis.

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Do You Need Help With a College Paper?

There’s nothing wrong with getting extra help on your writing assignments. In fact, it’s the wisest thing to do to ensure your success. Sometimes that simply means asking your instructor a few questions, or attending a study session with your TA. Then there are times when your best course of action is to use a service provider like PoweredEssays to help with your writing assignment.

If any of the following applies to you, it may be time to contact Powered Essays for help:

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  • The assignment is not related to your major.
  • You are exhausted and approaching burnout.
  • You have volunteer duties, athletic practice or activities that you must prioritize.

If none of these apply to you, and you still need help that’s okay too. We are eager to assist any student in need of writing help.

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