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When You Need Perfection

Instructors can be pretty picky. One of the biggest complaints from students is that every course they take is also an English class. When they write essays and papers, they are graded not just on the content but on their English writing skills too. While this doesn’t seem quite fair, it is a fact of life, and students must live with it.

What to Do

If you are one of those many students who is not highly skilled in English grammar and composition, you will want someone who is to review your written assignments before you turn them in. You have a few options:

  • You can try to edit and proofread the piece yourself – probably not a good idea
  • You can try to find another student with solid English skills who is willing to help out – they are usually busy with their own coursework
  • You may have a family member who is skilled – hopefully they have the time

If these “iffy” options don’t work for you, then it’s time to contact Powered Essays. Read on to see how we offer editing and proofreading for our customers.

Why choose us

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There is a Difference

Editing and proofreading are two very different activities. So, when students submit their writing to us for review, we want them to be very sure about exactly what they want. Here are the explanations of what these two types of reviews mean.


Editing involves a much more holistic review of a piece of writing. When we complete an editing project, we look at the following:

  • The coordination of the thesis statement with the rest of the piece
  • The overall flow of the essay or paper. Is it logical? Do the points being made move coherently from one to the next?
  • Are there good transitions between paragraphs and sections?
  • Do paragraphs have clear topic sentences, supported by the details that follow?
  • Is the introduction a good preparation for what is to follow?
  • Is the conclusion appropriate for what was included in the body of the piece?

If the editor assigned to your order sees issues, s/he will identify them, explain them to you, make suggestions for changes, and then allow you to make the final decisions about those changes.


Proofreading is more mechanical. When a student requests just proofreading, here is what is reviewed:

  • Every sentence is reviewed for grammatical correctness. Fragments and run-ons will be corrected.
  • Verb tense agreement is check and corrected, if necessary
  • Subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement issues will be corrected.
  • Any spelling and vocabulary errors are corrected.
  • Punctuation is carefully checked, and all mistakes are fixed.
  • If sentences are correct but awkward, they will be changed to be more functional and easy to read.

To sum up proofreading, it is the final polishing that is put on a piece of writing, so that it is perfect and will meet the expectations of even the pickiest instructor.

How to order

1.Provide us with the paper details

2.Get the payment ready and done

3.Stay up-to-date with the working progress

4.Receive your flawlessly written paper

So, What Should You Order?

If you know that you have issues with English composition, you have to evaluate how serious those issues are. If your grades on essays and papers have been lowered because of composition issues, then you will need to order up both editing and proofreading. If, though, you are comfortable with your ability to structure your writing in logical ways, to construct transitions and to craft a good thesis, etc., then you may need only proofreading. The choice is yours.

But, most important, you should remember this. When we receive a piece of writing for editing or proofreading, we expect it be “rough.” You should never be embarrassed by what you submit.

You should also know that, if you order only one or the other, if a reviewer sees a number of problems that relate to the other, s/he will let you know that so you can consider what you want to do.

Who Will Edit/Proofread Your Essay?

We have an entire department of editors and proofreaders who are English scholars. They know their stuff, for sure, and customers who order our editing and proofreading get the very best in the industry. These people understand the expectations for formal academic writing and will see to it that every piece they review will meet those expectations.

You Will Be Kept “in the Loop”

Because all of our customers speak directly with their writers or editors, you can expect your reviewer to stay in touch. Editors will provide their suggestions for revision, and you will have the option to accept them or not. Because proofreaders deal more with mechanical issues, they will most likely send you drafts of pages as they are completed.

Need More Information?

If you have any questions about our editing and proofreading service, or if you want an initial evaluations and recommendation of which service to order, get in touch with our customer support department. We are open 24/7/365. Agents are available by phone, live chat, or email.

When you need editing and/or proofreading, why not use the best in the industry? That would be Powered Essays.

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